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Eyes and ears

If you think that there is any suspicious activity taking place on the playing field, please take whatever details you can and go here to notify the police. Please do not put yourself at risk, let the police handle it.

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Pavilion News
The Phase 2 renovation of the main building has started and is due to be completed by 24th December. We are still raising funds for this and for Phase 3, the sports equipment storage building.

If you are able to donate any money towards the completion of the pavilion, cheques should be made payable to: IMPF Fund Raising, and given to Gloria Keene or Claire Jones. Or contact Claire for our bank details – all donations can be anonymous. Every penny counts now and any donation is very much appreciated. Thank you.

The defibrillator is now temporarily located on the tennis fencing so you can access it. It is however not visible at night.

Car Boot Sale : Sadly, we have decided that due to the ever changing Covid19 regulations we need to postpone the Car Boot Sale until the spring. Do save up for this event it will happen in 2021!

Sunday 27th September - Walbury Hill Climb :
This event has a long history and the hill itself has been used to test cyclists over many years. Since 2015 it has been an “open” event with a closed road and attracts both recreational and serious racing cyclists.

Bearing in mind the event is a Time Trial, it lends itself to safe operation during the COVID 19 pandemic, has been approved by the relevant National Governing Body and is exempt from the new restriction on group sizes as an Organised Sporting Event. Riders will take part individually at one-minute intervals to see who is fastest against the clock. Before the race they will park their cars and collect their race numbers at the Inkpen Playing Field, ride to the start by Kirby House then complete the course to the summit. Following this they will return via a one way route back to the Playing Field and leave.

The event is being organised by Newbury Velo Cycling Club who have already held a number of successful Time Trial races locally and have an experienced team well versed in the delivery of a safe event in line with a Covid19 approved Risk Assessment.

This year the Walbury Hill Climb will be held on Sunday 27th September starting at 9am with the road closed from 8:30am. The road is expected to be open again no later that 12:30pm. Diversion routes will be in place.

PLEASE NOTE - you can only take part if you have registered with Newbury Velo Cycling Club before the event.

Please be aware there will be a lot of cyclists in Inkpen for this event and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and the temporary road closure.

Woodland Playground News:
We are pleased to announce that the Trustees have approved Copper Beech to supply the woodland playground equipment which we hope will be in place by the end of the year. We would like to thank Vanessa Tomlinson who has kindly donated fencing for the woodland playground. Please do continue to be considerate when using the existing playground and keep in mind the COVID19 regulations of keeping your distance and washing your hands after use.

Cricket Nets:
Due to a near accident with a cricket ball at the pavilion hit from the practice nets the Trustees have decided that the practice nets cannot be used until more safety are measures put in place. Safety measures are currently being considered by the trustees in conjunction with the cricket team.

Sports Activity :
Sadly, there are restrictions as to what sporting activities can take place at the moment but we hope that in 2021 we will be able to hold lots more activities on the playing field and in the pavilion. If you have an idea for an activity for any age group, please get in touch. We hope to re-instate the junior football coaching as soon as possible.

Interested in  Netball, Tennis Club, Cricket Club or Sunday 5 a side Football, then  come and join in. Contacts can be found on the contacts page or obtained from Gloria Keene or Claire Jones.

General Contacts: Claire Jones (, David Thomas ( or any of the other Trustees

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The future Question

Following the last Parish Council meeting on the 30th July, some residents are concerned that progress on the new pavilion is at risk. This is not the case. The IMPFT remains committed to the renovation and improvement of the existing playing field pavilion. We also remain committed to having both the village hall and the playing field as this has so many more advantages for the village than a single replacement structure.

Having the two sites provides for a greater diversity of activity, for simultaneous events and it reduces the environmental impact on residents by keeping noise and traffic levels less concentrated. Residents in Pottery Lane and Post Office Road would suffer a substantial increase in noise and business if all activities were to move to the playing field site and we don’t think this would be either fair or desirable.

Both facilities are modest and this is their great strength. There are some things that we don’t intend to cater for such as badminton, swimming and gym style keep-fit, as there is more than enough capacity locally in Kintbury, Hungerford and Newbury. Stretching ourselves to provide such activities would make us more vulnerable as has been found in recent years at the Jubilee Hall in Kintbury. Two modest sites for village activity is our best hope for sustainability and will help us to ride out fluctuations in demand in the future, just as it has in the past.

Also, should either one of these buildings become damaged or need remedial work, then we have an alternative local venue without necessarily forcing people to cancel or to go outside of the village.

Some have argued that a single building option would lower costs but that doesn’t look likely when we group together insurance, taxes and maintenance costs.

Leaving aside the overwhelming case for keeping the two separate buildings, it is evident that there is a substantial level of support and fondness amongst residents for keeping these two charitable sites. Rest assured that the IMPFT supports their continuation rather than their amalgamation. A detailed view of our thoughts on this are provided here.

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